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12th - 19th September 2015
Sorry to disappoint. We are already taking bookings for 2016, so don't delay.

Future dates are:
10th - 17th September
9th - 16th September 2017

There are fifteen places avaiable in any given year. Five places are ring-fenced for Milford first-timers until 4 weeksafter the Easter weekend. Once the ring-fence deadline has passed places will be allocated to the waiting list first, and then offered to any and all applicants on a first come, first served basis.

  • The total price for 2015 is £605 inclusive of full board for seven nights
  • A non-refundable deposit of £115 is reqired to secure your booking and the balance of £490 is payable to Trigonos upon attending (by cash or cheque - no cards, sorry)
  • Apart from a small Milford admin fee of £10, this sum represents your booking with Trigonos for accommodation.
  • The venue requires a deposit, so no booking is considered firm until you have paid your deposit and sent us a Milford booking form. Please note that the Milford committee does not hold your deposit, Trigonos does. It's a non-returnable deposit in the event you decide to cancel, but fully returnable if you are on the waiting list and are not allocated a place.
  • Once Milford is fully subscribed you can join the waiting list by sending your booking form and deposit. This deposit is held by Milford and is returnable in the event of a place not opening up for you.
  • Download and print the booking form for 2014 (below) as a Word document; as a text file or as a pdf.
  • Download and print the booking forms for 12th-19th September 2015 as a Word document, as an rtf file or as a pdf
  • All bookings should be returned to: Jacey Bedford to the postal address on the form or by email to jacey(at)
  • Questions anytime? Email the secretary.mevennen(at) or jacey(at)
  • If booking from abroad, you can send a money order in pounds sterling, drawn on a British bank, or we can arrange for you to pay by Paypal (Note that there will be a 2% surcharge to cover Paypal's deductions - sorry.). Email the treasurer (tina.anghelatos(at) for paypal details. Once you have paid print out your paypal receipt and send it with your booking form by post or by email to jacey(at) in lieu of a cheque.

What happens after you book?

  • When you have signed up for Milford and paid your deposit you will receive basic information from Liz or Jacey for the coming conference by email unless you have specified that you don't have email access.
  • A few months before your Milford week you will be given thr email addresses of your fellow attendees. We suggest you set up an email distribution list so we can get some group conversation going. This is for you to get to know each other beforehand, for newcomers to ask questions and for old hands to offer sensible advice. It's also set up to that participants can exchange manuscripts beforehand.
  • You will also be added to the main Milford mailing list (a yahoogroup) which is for everyone who has ever attended Milford. It's not a high volume list. but useful information occasionally comes your way and it's a way to keep in touch with each other. You will need to make sure your email client can handle yahoogroup mailings otherwise you may miss out.
  • The main houseThe venue is: Trigonos, Plas Baladeulyn, Nantlle, Caernarfon, Gwynedd LL54 6BW
    01286 882 388
  • Instructions for getting there are all on the Trigonos website. If you are coming by public transport the last little bit is tortuous by bus, but taxis are available from Bangor or Caernarvon, It's often possible to car-share with people and this is usually arranged via the MilfordCurrent email list. If you are flying in from abroad your nearest airports are Manchester and Liverpool. Kind people with cars will often offer to meet people at major train stations
  • The venue is a conference centre, not a hotel. Your room is your own responsibility for the week. We are largely left to our own devices, though staff are around (in the office or the kitchen) in emergencies during the day.

Preparing for Milford

  • You need to prepare your work for Milford. You are expected to submit one or two pieces to a maximum total of 15,000 words. Less is fine as long as you bring at least one piece for crit.
  • You are strongly encouraged to send your work via email in advance so that everyone has the opportunity to do some advance critting before the (very intensive) week starts. This can be sent via the email group.
  • If for any reason you can't send work in advance you will need to bring enough printed copies of each piece for every person attending Milford (a maximum of 15). Please note there are no copying facilities at Trigonos.
  • The mornings are for reading, so it is theoretically possible to get away with not pre-reading or pre-critting, but you would be well advised to read ahead before the week starts if at all possible. This will increase your chances of getting through everything in a timely manner and not shoving your stress levels up through the roof. We want you to enjoy yourself.
  • Lake NantlleWhat to bring. Just yourself and your work. If you haven't been to North Wales in September before, please be aware that the weather can be changeable. Outdoor shoes and a raincoat are advised. Trigonos has its own grounds and you can walk down to their beautiful private lakeshore... through long grass, sheep droppings and a certain amount of mud. One Milford attendee sometimes brings his canoe.
  • Indoors it's always toasty warm and there's an open fire in the library at night (our social room) if we want to light it.
  • The accommodation is full board, that's breakfast, lunch, dinner, elevenses, fourses plus 24 hour hot drinks available in the dining room; bed with linen and towels. Bring your own toiletries and hair dryer. There are some rooms in the main house (upstairs) and some in the barn conversions right next to the crit room (ground floor with easy access shower facilities - wheelchair accessible). Eleven rooms are ensuite with baths or showers. Four share bathrooms, usually only with one other room. A full Milford is 15 people, so the ensuites are first come first served. Let us know if you have a problem with stairs or prefer a bathtub to a walk-in shower and we'll accommodate you appropriately, taking the greatest needs into consideration first.
  • Dining RoomFood is locally grown and organic and there is a vegetarian ethos, but we've arranged for meat meals for those of us who want them. It's wise to state a preference if you have one. There's always a wide choice of seasonal vegetables and side dishes. Meals are breakfast, lunch and dinner beginning with dinner on the first Saturday and ending with breakfast on the last Saturday. Meals are self-service from the buffet board and we all eat together at one big table. Breakfasts are continental, not full English, with home made bread, eggs, cereal, porridge, toast, fruit, cheese and a selection of preserves. Lunches are usually home made soups (delicious) often with home made bread, and salads with something like quiche or ham. Evening meals are two courses + a cheese board. There's not a choice of main meal, though if you have specifically requested vegetarian or have special requirements, the chef will prepare something separately for you. Ditto if you have an allergy to the specific food on offer.
  • There are no kettles in the rooms, but hot drinks are available in the dining room 24/7 with a range of teas and instant coffees. They make real coffee for us in the mornings at break - usually with biscuits in the mornings and home baked cake in the afternoons. (Cake o'clock is 4 p.m.) There's always a fruit bowl available, usually with some home grown fruit depending on the season..
  • There's no bar, but you can bring your beverage of choice. I'm not sure how so few people create so many empties by the end of the week, but we certainly keep the local bottle-bank well fed. Note, though, booze is not obligatory.
  • Someone always brings sweeties for the crit-room table. There used to be a tradition that if you gave someone an unfavourable crit you bought them a drink in the evening. Since there's no bar in this venue that's migrated to giving them sweeties to soften the blow. Of course, crits are always delivered constructively, so the sweeties are symbollic (and tasty).
  • If you need a run out for supplies, someone with a car will invariably make the trip and you can get a lift if you've come by public transport. There are no shops in Nantlle, but Penygroes, about 2 miles away and has a small Co-op, post office and various other shops such as hardware etc. Caernarvon is the nearest town of any size, about 6 miles away. It has a huge castle, of course, and a range of shops and cafes and the inevitable Welsh tourist shops (some very nice), but don't expect department stores or M&S. There are Tesco and a Morrisons supermarkets on the edge of town. In the other direction Porthmadoc is about 10 miles away and has touristy and local shops, a supermarket, an excellent little bookshop and its very own micro-brewery for locally made beers.

Please Be Aware

  • Trigonos is nestled in a valley in a mountainous region. There is very little-to-no mobile telephone reception, though you can get a signal by walking up the hill opposite Trigonos, in certain areas of the car park if you are oin the OIrange/EE network), or at Penygroes
  • There is a payphone in the main house. It accepts incoming calls.
  • The ethos of Trigonos being one of get-away-from-it-all. If you are really desperate you can usually get wi-fi reception in the Trigonos small meeting room or gallery.

What happens after Milford?

  • You will be added to the Milford alumni list on the web site and if you have a website, we'll add you to the links page.
  • You can contnue to keep in touch with your fellow attendees via email.
  • Please keep us up to date with the progress of your stories that you've put through the Milford mincer. We'll list the sales on the Success Stories page of this site.
  • And please come back and join us another year.
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