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Each year a small group of published writers of SF (speculative fiction) get together for one special week in a secluded residential location In beautiful Snowdonia, North Wales, to workshop ideas and discuss work in progress. Note: Speculative fiction includes science fiction and fantasy and all their sub genres such as: slipstream, alternative history, cyberpunk, magical realism, space opera, horror. etc.

If you wish to go on the mailing list for future Milfords, please email Jacey or phone (01484 606230).

We are now taking bookings for
August and for September 2014
At the time of writing (February 2014) we have 9 places already booked for August and 7 places already booked for September

In the 2014 London Worldcon year we are offering two Milford weeks.

Week One: 23rd – 30th August, 2014.
Week Two: 13th – 20th September, 2014

Total cost per person is £605. (A deposit of £115 with the booking form and the balance of £490 payable upon attendance.) The deposit is non-refundable in the event of your cancellation after your booking has been accepted and a place allocated. It is refundable in full if you are not allocated a space.

Here's the specific info about attending either of the weeks in 2014

Details of what happened in 2013 are here.

  • Between 10 and 15 attendees each year (15 is the maximum we can ever take)
  • Adult and children's authors novelists and short story writers
  • Multi-published authors and relative newcomers
  • Intensive workshopping of work in progress and healthy exchange of ideas
  • Constructive critiquing. Aiming for thorough but not cruel, tough but fair
  • Attendees must have sold at least one story to a recognised market to qualify for attendance
  • There are no teachers and no students. Everyone is equal
  • Approximately 50% old hands and 50% newcomers in any one year
  • Authors mostly from the UK, but overseas visitors are always welcome
  • Beautiful surroundings. Comfortable accommodation. Locally produced & organic food
  • Hard-working days, sociable evenings, good atmosphere.
  • Some opportunities for local sightseeing: Caernarvon / Snowdonia / North Wales

Skip explanations. Go straight to booking.

If you would like to be put on a mailing list (very low traffic) to receive Milford updates and learn when the next conference is please email Jacey. Please state whether you have attended Milford before and which year.

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