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Milford 2023
16th - 23rd September

at Trigonos, Nantlle, North Wales

Milford Group 2023

L-R: Jacey Bedford, Janet Forbes, Ida Keogh, Siobhan McVeigh, Marielle Verdijk, Akotowaa ofori, Jim Anderson, Neon Yang, Liz Williams, Tiffani Angus, Chris McCartney, Sue Oke, Powder Thompson, Pauline Dungate.


Milford Report by Janet Forbes
coming soon...


Milford Sayings, taken out of context... just because we can.

I think about getting bodies out of places all the time, don't you?

I lived in a trailer when I was a child.
So did I, but I still have standards.

It wasn't quite what I was aiming for, but I like it.

I don't think you take a pick to a rock fall unless you want a bigger rock fall.

I'm happy if they kill each other. Go for it!

When I wrote the founders I thought, 'Oh, God, I've written founders.'

Unless, of course, it's a fairy tale, in which case knickers don't matter.

...hog-whimperingly drunk...

I was trying to write a novel and ended up writing world-building software by accident.

I have an early-warning duckie because that's what you need in your life.

You don't look like a man who needs a mandrake.

If you see inanimate objects as people, then a tape measure is very flirtatious.

And then the beer gods show up...

I have a friend who fired her spirit guides because they were not performing to her expectations.

When I was a child I was pissed on by a tiger at Bristol Zoo.

...and I would shout, 'Penis duty.'

My friend's grandma took out a cobra with a throwing axe.

Take a drink every time Jim mentions Columbo.

Some sentences are so beautiful I want to frame them.

You focus on gold, I'll take the dead children.

I was a crash test dummy for someone once.

My friend's handwriting is so bad that you could take it to a pharmacy and get it made up.

The undergraduate in me that studied formal logic appreciates that remark.

The guiding aesthetic principle here is - more is more.

Beatrice talks to donkeys.

It's like taking drugs without taking drugs.

It's the weirdest place I've ever been to - and the bar is high.

This fucking plot! All I have to do is execute it, but I'd rather execute myself.

It was the whale that did me in.

I'll stop thinking about codpieces if you mention Queen Victoria.

Would you like my spiders?

Dinosaur porn is a thing.

Jesus's foreskin is the rings of Saturn.

If you turn 21 and you're still at the house, your mother will eat you.

I'd almost forgotten you could write.



Gladstone's Libraryin 2024 Milford is moving to Gladstone's Library, which will be a different, but equally engaging experience. Milford books up quickly. At the trime of writing there is one place open to all applicants, plus two places reserved for our Writers of Colour bursary recipients.

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